July 2, 2020 | 10:01 pm
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Why Home Use Of Hardwood Briquettes Makes Sense

When those chilly days of winter draw close there is nothing more comforting than spending an evening in front of a fire. Although there are alternatives when it comes to keeping warm, such as oil heaters, there is something comforting about a natural fire. The glow and warmth are only part of the mystique of a naturally fueled home fire. Of course, the choice of which type of fuel will be used to provide that warmth and comfort is one that can provide a challenge to the homeowner. For many years the fuel of choice was wood, however, hardwood briquettes are becoming increasingly popular- and for good reason.

Hardwood briquettes offer superior heating when compared to wood. In fact, it is estimated that they can provide up to 50% more heat (for the money) than untreated logs. For those who are committed to the ‘Green’ lifestyle, the used of hardwood briquettes also makes perfect sense. they do not require that trees are harvested – as is the case with charcoal. Hardwood briquettes use the waste that is generated from the industry. For example, the furniture-making business which makes extensive use of hardwood material. There is also the fact that a tree harvested for the making of fuel such as charcoal is one that ceases to perform the essential task of absorbing carbon. The process for the manufacture of briquettes results in a product that is natural, with no additives. Briquettes are produced by applying enormous pressures to sawdust and shavings.

They are great for both open fires and wood-burning stoves. And a single briquette can burn for more than 4 hours – meaning that the task of continually adding wood to the fire is a thing of the past. Those who use large amounts of briquettes will find that they are saving significantly (at least calculated over 12 months) when compared to the costs of feeding home fires with wood.

There is also the issue of space. Briquettes take up considerably less space than logs – and are much easier to handle. the low moisture content of hardwood briquettes (when compared to even cured logs) means that they burn hotter and emit less smoke – avoiding common problems that can affect flues and chimneys.

All in all the use of briquettes makes perfect sense to most homeowners from an environmental perspective, for their ability to generate superior amounts of heat and from a financial point of view. They are an alternative fuel source that every homeowner should be thinking about.

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