July 2, 2020 | 9:34 pm
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Quick tips for reducing your electricity bills

Reducing energy bills is more important than ever with prices for goods skyrocketing, and here’s how you can do it.

Switch energy company

By switching energy company, you can reduce your bills considerably, and it only takes a few searches on compare websites to see who’s likely to have the best package available. The switch itself can take a month and there may be a period of time where you’re paying your existing firm and your new energy supplier, but once your contract has ended, you can enjoy fab savings.

Switching off your wall sockets

By switching off those wall sockets and making it part of your daily routine, you will waste less electricity and keep the bills down. It’s a good habit to have because it means you will only ever have the plug switched on when you’re actually using the electricity to power an appliance, such as a laptop, kettle or television.

Renewable energy solutions

There are a number of renewable energy solutions that are much better for the environment and can help reduce people’s carbon footprint. Some of the most popular options include solar power, battery storage solutions, EV charging and voltage optimisation. These solutions are clean and sustainable, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and the grid.