July 2, 2020 | 10:25 pm
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A few tips if you are looking for a corporate finance adviser

There are many corporate finance advisers in the UK and these are individuals or organisations that offer assistance with the many business transactions that take place within a business.

They often have very good connections with banks, and in some cases they may work for a particular bank. In most cases, these advisors come from investment banks; accountancy/professional services firms or independent advisory firms.

Whether you are having equity issues or trouble raising capital, it’s important to look at the overall picture of corporate business finance, and having an advisor or a team of specialist who can help you make the right financial decision is pivotal, especially if you’re looking to be successful whilst building on progress year on year. There are also many other options whereby you can get exceptional help and advise on business transactions, such as accountants. They will work to ensure the financial workings of the target company are fully disclosed and are in order, keeping the ‘tax man’ happy as well as your wallet!

For large businesses, bankers, other debt providers and debt-advisory specialists are principally involved in the types of transactions listed above, so you can find that you have a huge number of different individuals and organisations helping you in some way or another, but you have to be wary of their interests and ensure they are all working for you, and not against. We also think it’s important to touch on directors and executives in companies, because even if they don’t have experience in all kinds of business transactions, they will need to learn the ropes pretty quickly. It is essential that directors primarily focus on the types of transactions and projects we’ve touched on in this blog post, in order to support corporate development.

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